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About Us

Hello & welcome! 

At  Wild Natural Living, we strive to deliver unique, high-quality products & excellent customer service . We truly value our wonderful customers. We are a small business that grows many of our medicinal herbs & mushrooms on our land using only organic methods. Herbs we don't grow we wild forage in clean areas away from pollution. When we need to, and for herbs we can't grow or find, we turn to very reputable sources to purchase from to ensure top quality. All our products are made with only organic & wildcrafted herbs. We avoid all the stuff that doesn't belong in our food & medicine. For the menstruum we work with 200 proof, certified organic, gluten-free ethanol and organic coconut glycerin, not soy. We use multiple methods in our extraction process using only the best & most effective method for the herb or mushroom we are working with. We go beyond the traditional folk method of the soak and shake and use superior methods to extract the most medicinal benefits from each herb we are working with. Never settling, we use only the best to help you achieve your best health ever!  All our products are handcrafted by us & made with in the USA.

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Wild Natural Living

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