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Pure Fulvic (Mineral Powder) 30grams

Pure Fulvic (Mineral Powder) 30grams

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Looking for the ultimate supplement? Look no further than Pure Fulvic Mineral Powder. Discover the hidden treasure of Fulvic Acid, a gift from nature with numerous health benefits. This natural wonder has been well documented over the years and is often hailed as "nature’s miracle molecule". Discover the unparalleled potency of Pure Fulvic Mineral Powder, boosting a concentrated 35%+ fulvic acid content, highest in the world. Considered the ultimate all-natural chelator, fulvic acid is a total powerhouse in the world of natural remedies! 


But what exactly is fulvic acid?

Part of humus, Fulvic is a natural compound, formed when plants and animals break down. It can be found in soil, peat, streams, and even lakes. Our fulvic is sourced from a deposit formed during the Lower Oligocene epoch, approximately 23 to 33.9 million years ago. It consists of layers of both freshwater and oceanic layers of sediment, and was transformed by good bacteria into a complex molecule known as fulvic - the earliest molecules on Earth. This life-sustaining compound cannot be artificially reproduced and is unique in every occurrence. Because it's naturally occurring, Fulvic acid ranges from a yellow-brown to brown in color. Each lot# is slightly different from the next. Fulvic is capable of reaching all areas of the body to elicit a beneficial reaction in every system in the body. Sadly, modern farming methods have depleted the levels of fulvic acid in our soil, draining away valuable nutrients. That's why it's so important to add them back into our bodies for optimal health and well-being. 


Fulvic acid enhances absorption of nutrients from your meals & supplements. It acts as an essential carrier for delivering vitamins & nutrients to their proper destinations in our bodies, even crossing the blood brain barrier. A lone molecule of fulvic acid can carry a whopping 65+ minerals & trace elements straight into our cells. Fulvic acid contains all 70+ minerals that our cells need for optimal function, making it a vital ingredient for health. With Fulvic Acid, your body can reach its full potential without having to guess which minerals it needs each day. It provides the necessary minerals in their perfect biological form.

Pure Fulvic is a versatile mineral powder that supports a healthy gut microbiome, boosts immunity, and protects brain cells from harm with its neuro-protective properties. It also increases cellular oxygenation by an impressive 45%, helping to balance the body's pH levels.

A mighty chelator that can help the body eliminate heavy metals & toxins. These poisons & metals enter our body's by water, food, air, household items and prescription drugs. One reason heavy metals are so toxic is that they disrupt the absorption, metabolism, and use of essential minerals, such as zinc, calcium, and iron, which can result in a deficiency and health problems. To be absorbed, metals and minerals both rely on binders in the small intestines. However, many toxic metals use the same binders as essential minerals, causing them to be taken up instead and creating a deficiency. By consuming a sufficient amount of minerals, they can outcompete the metals for the binding site and decrease their toxicity.

Fulvic acid is like a magical energy source for our bodies giving our electrical beings a boost of energy by providing an electron charge through the polyelectrolytes found in Fulvic. Fulvic contains all the necessary ingredients to create voltage and charge up our cells through its polyelectrolytes. Just as a battery can get low, stress and free radicals can drain our cells of electrical energy, leading to low energy levels, fatigue, and exhaustion. Our cells need this surge of electrical energy to fully utilize vital nutrients and support countless biochemical processes that keep us healthy. Don't let stress and free radicals drain your battery, keep that electricity flowing and your energy levels high with Pure Fulvic!



Our Quality

Harness the highest quality with Pure Fulvic Mineral Powder. With Pure Fulvic, you can trust its purity and potency thanks to the lamar test, the gold standard for determining fulvic/humic ratio and percentage. Our product tests at 35%+ with the lamar test, making it the top performer worldwide in fulvic content. Our fulvic is soil based (not rock), extracted with water (not chemicals), and free from allergens and gluten. We rigorously test our fulvic for safety and purity. Manufactured in the USA with the highest standards, quality control and independent lab analysis.



Pure fulvic acid (35%+ contentwhich naturally includes 70 minerals & trace minerals, 20+ flavonoids, 70+ electrolytes, trace elements and 33 naturally occurring organic acids including 18 amino acids.

  • Not a coal derivative
  • Non-irradiated
  • Free from harmful chemicals


Servings Amount Per 30g Jar

By following the suggested serving size, this jar will keep you stocked with 150 days worth of goodness! That's enough to provide any adult the full benefits for a solid 5+ months. 


How To Enjoy

For optimal results, simply add two scoops (scoop included) of Pure Fulvic to a glass of non-chlorinated water and allow a few minutes for it to dissolve. Each scoop contains 100mg, providing approximately 150 servings per jar. Be sure to level out your scoops to achieve the full 150 servings and avoid over-scooping. For children, we suggest using only one scoop (100mg), which will provide 300 days of servings per jar. Pure Fulvic Mineral Powder helps unearth the miracle of feeling vibrant and energized every day. Get ready to unearth your inner radiance and discover a new level of health and wellness with this hidden treasure, the "Miracle Molecule"!