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Elderberry Syrup Infusion: 23 in 1

Elderberry Syrup Infusion: 23 in 1

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Gear up for the season & enjoy a unique powerhouse of nutrients that support the immune system in our Elderberry Syrup! Organic & delicious! Our Elderberry syrup contains 3 superfood berries, Elderberry, Aronia Berry, and Goji Berry! We added our favorite immune supporting mushrooms Reishi & Turkey Tail and infused it with immune boosting herbs for a powerful daily immune supporting syrup. Preserved with RAW honey, not sugar, for a healthy remedy.


Made fresh weekly. Needs to be refrigerated upon arrival which will give you a 1 year shelf life.


Safe for age 1+



*Black Elderberry, *Aronia Berry, *Goji Berry, *Rose Hip, *Anise Star, *Oregano, *Cinnamon, *Tumeric, *Lemon, *Ginger, *Elder Flower, *Dandelion Leaf, *Thyme, *Clove, *Orange Peel, *Olive Leaf, *Peppermint, *Lemon Balm, *Echinacea, +Reishi, +Turkey Tail, *RAW Honey, Distilled Biophotonic Structured Water    *organic  +wildcrafted