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Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)

Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)

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Hail to the ruler of Ayurvedic remedies, Ashwagandha! King of Ayurvedic, this potent tonic adaptogen has been a staple in India for 6000 year and treasured for its rejuvenating & fortifying powers. As a beloved herb in Ayurvedic medicine, it's known for its ability to boost testosterone and fertility in men and improving sexual function in women, as well as enhancing brain power and memory. Use it to soothe stress, promote sleep, increase energy, and rejuvenate your body.


*Ashwagandha, Double Distilled Biophotonic Structured Water, *Grain Ethanol    *organic   


How to Enjoy

Intended for internal use. Add to water. Further instructions and dosing information can be found on the bottle.


Storage & Shelf Life

Recommended storage: Keep in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight for optimal preservation for 5+ years.