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Plasma Water: BioShield

Plasma Water: BioShield

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BioShield is a unique blend of the GANS plasma (gas in atomic nano solid state) of 528 proprietary energies to support your biofield, health & wellbeing. Plasma water carries plasmatic fields that imprint in water, structuring it and offering many health benefits to you, your pets, plants & home. With plasma water, your body naturally picks up the energies it needs and ignores the ones it doesn't.


What Is A Biofield?

The biofield refers to the interacting fields of energy & information that envelops and interconnects all living systems. It extends approximately 6 feet from the body and includes the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual layers. This vital force is believed to play a crucial role in the body's functions, behavior, and overall health. It is a non-physical form of energy that is responsible for the body's key capabilities, including 80% of our immune system, higher consciousness, intuition, and creativity. The biofield also enables the body to naturally heal and regenerate.


What Is Structured Water?

Structured water, also referred to as living water or hexagonal water, is water molecules that form a hexagonal cluster, giving it close similarities to pure and uncontaminated mineral water found in natural springs & glaciers. Structured water differs in thickness, density, and viscosity compared to traditional water. It has the unique ability to both store & release energy. Living systems, like our bodies & plants, absorb and utilize structured water better than unstructured water because it knows how to use living water. Structured water has a higher electrical charge which is essential for proper cellular function and is easier absorbed in the cells because of it hexagonal shape which contributes to better hydration. Structured water has a chemical formula of H3O2. It has 3 hydrogen molecules combined with 2 oxygen molecules. Many beneficial properties are attributed to structured water including. helping the body detoxify toxic chemicals & harmful frequencies, helping cells in the body recover faster, assisting in improving overall health and digestion, anti-inflammatory effects and also improved energy & mental clarity.


Meaning Of The Flower Of Life:

We use the "Flower Of Life" symbol on many of our product labels, including this one. The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric pattern consisting of 19 intersecting circles, which are believed to represent the unity & interconnectedness of all life. The pattern is often seen as a symbol of creation, the cycle of life, and the union of the divine masculine and feminine energies. The Flower of Life is thought to hold the key to unlocking hidden knowledge and higher states of consciousness. It is believed to be a representation of the cosmic order and the blueprint for all life. 


How To Use This Vial:

1 vial charges your water into plasma charged structured water. Simply attach the sealed vial on the outside of a clear dispenser or container (glass is best but plastic works to) of purified water (distilled is best) for 24 hrs for the plasma fields to transfer into the container of the water to enjoy. The vial can be used over & over for imprinting the water without lessening the plasma fields. GANS retains its energetic properties for more than 3 gens of humans, possibly even longer. Plasma water works with intention. Using what Masaru Emoto showed us in his book "The Hidden Messages In Water", you can write your own intentions on the vial to personalize it for your personal journey and expand its benefits.