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Chanca Piedra "Stone Breaker"

Chanca Piedra "Stone Breaker"

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Chanca Piedra, or "stone breaker", earned its name from its impressive ability to help with gallstones, liver stones, and kidney stones for generations of Amazonian indigenous peoples. Some say these stones are even worse than childbirth! Certain activities, like parasite cleansing, can cause stones to shift due to mineral loss. Thankfully, Chancas unique power can help to effortlessly breaks down these stones into tiny spheres that painlessly glide out of your body. In fact, Chanca is known to nullify pain within a matter of hours or a couple of days during active stone movement.



+Chanca Piedra Extract, Double Distilled Biophotonic Structured Water, *Grain Ethanol  *organic  +wildcrafted



Intended for internal use. Add to water. Further instructions and dosing information can be found on the bottle.


Storage & Shelf Life

Recommended storage: Keep in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight for optimal preservation for 5+ years.