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Detox Bath: Nanoparticles & Heavy Metals

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Detoxing is something we all consciously need to be doing to be at our optimal health. The skin & lymphatic system are really important detoxification pathways. Detox baths are a great relaxing way to get some of the toxic load out so we can get our bodies back to a healthier state. Below is a very simple detox bath that's recommended at least 3 times a week to detox from the many insults we are all dealing with on a daily basis.


Baking Soda

- Detoxes radiation, fungus & yeast

Epson Salt

- Helps get your magnesium levels up which most people are deficient in. - Magnesium is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. - Magnesium levels are linked with liver functioning. There are 2 phases of liver detoxification & magnesium helps with phase 2. It's where the toxins attatch to other nutrients so they can be flushed from the body. - Supports brain functioning & prevents brain inflammation. - Reduces lead and cadmium in the body.


- Helps detox nanotechnology from the body.

Bentonite Clay

- Helps to stimulate your lymphatic system - Detoxes heavy metals - Absorbs toxins from your skin. The clay particles absorb the toxins into their own molecules. Toxins carry positive electrons, The clay carries negative electrons. The clay surrounds the toxins and suffocates them.

Make sure to use 100% natural with no additives, fragrance-free epson salt. Fragrance ones contain alot of toxins and we don't want to add any more than we already have. For the Borax, use the laundry borax. For bentonite clay, a clean & trusted brand like Aztec is important.


- If possible, use a dry brush prior to the bath to help shed dead skin cells & stimulate your pores. It's recommended to dry brush 3-5 for normal skin and 1 time a week for sensitive skin.

- Get the bath water as hot as you are comfortable with.

- Add each ingredient from the list below.

- Try to stay in the bath atleast 20 mins.


1 cup

​Baking soda

1-2 cups

Epson Salt

1-2 cups

Bentonite Clay

1/2-1 cup

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