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Eastern White Pine Needle Tincture, Double Extracted

Eastern White Pine Needle Tincture, Double Extracted

Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Needle (Pinus Strobus) tincture made with LOVE & INTENTION.

DOUBLE EXTRACTED to receive BOTH water-soluble & alcohol-soluble medicinal properties of the White Pine Needle.

This is an excellent choice to use alongside our "Dandelion Leaf tincture" to get the best benefits.

This tincture has a nice soft pine taste with a little zing from the alcohol. White Pine is known to have the best taste out of all the Pines.

The White Pine Needle was Wildcrafted in Western Michigan.

Eastern White Pine Needle (Pinus Strobus):
- High in SHIKIMIC ACID (an anticoagulant)
* Shikimic Acid offers antiplatelet-aggregating activity
- High in Vitamin C (3-4 times as much as an orange!)
- antiviral
- anticancer
- antimicrobial
- antiparasitic

Ingredients: +Eastern White Pine Needle, Purified Water, *Grain Ethanol 30%
+wildcrafted *organic

Available in 1 oz & 2 oz tincture bottles and 16 oz bottle with an empty 1 oz refill bottle.

Made with the purest food-grade ingredients.

Meant for internal consumption.

Go slow. Start with 1-2 dropper squeezes in the morning and at night. From there you can either go up or down depending on your needs, which may be higher right now... There is no "correct" dosage for herbs as it depends on the individual. The typical dose for an adult is 60 drops, twice a day.

For reference: 1 dropper is approximately 30 drops after you squeeze it. The dropper does not fill up to the top and thats ok! 60 drops (2 droppers) is equivalent to an 8oz cup of tea.

Putting it under your tongue and holding it there for a few seconds will enter your bloodstream faster than any other herbal form. Some people may not like doing this so for them I would recommend putting it in water or their favorite cold beverage.

This could be an important addition to your Spike Protein Protocol.

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